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We create distinctive, award winning blends that deliver great coffee flavor in the cup.

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Roasting Plant & Coffee Bar

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Where coffee lovers come to get delicious, artfully prepared espresso, freshly brewed drip coffee, and hand brewed coffee by the cup.

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Methow Valley Fire Update - Weathering the Storm

Methow Valley Fire Update - 
Weathering the Storm

Dear Friends- We want to let you know that we are weathering the fire storm here in the Methow, and have been working hard not to miss a beat in our production schedule. Our rock star staff continues to make this little company sing, and we couldn’t be more grateful. Our community is remarkably resilient, resourceful and courageous, and there is no where else we’d rather be. And our customers are the best in the world; we thank-you all from the bottom of our hearts for your kind words and concern. Know that we are in good shape, and look forward to continuing to bring award winning coffee to the people, rain or shine, fire or flood.Our eternal gratitude goes out to all the brave souls who risk their lives to keep our communities safe in this fast changing world. [more]

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