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Blue Star Coffee Roasters is a wholesale producer of small batch, award winning, artisan roasted coffee.

Our approach to coffee is simple. Quality in the cup is our driving principle. We’re passionate about coffee, all aspects of it from farm to cup, and delight in the opportunity to bring world class roasted coffee from the Methow Valley to coffee lovers everywhere.


Owner: Dan Donohue

There is an arc of quality that great coffee, grown in remote places, makes from the farm where it was grown, to being the flavor in your cup. Nothing can improve on the natural flavor potential of those beans inside the coffee cherry. Its qualities are a product of tree type, soil types, altitude, and weather patterns. Careful picking, usually done by hand, selects the best of the coffee cherries. Processing the bean from the inside of the cherry, cleaning it, drying it, sorting and storing it, takes a lot of care to protect that bean from off flavors and taints that impact the cup. Different traditions and different choices in processing technique influence the flavor of those beans, and impart on it a distinctive taste of place.

We source exceptional coffee beans from different continents that are carefully chosen for their flavor, of course, but also for their technical qualities of bean size, hardness, and processing techniques that inform our blending and roasting decisions. We roast on a modified and updated 1963 Probat 22 kilo machine. Roasting is carefully specific to the blend, to both maximize and harmonize the coffee flavors. We roast often to ensure freshness, and package it promptly to preserve those delicate and delicious flavors. This is our part of the quality arc, and we are committed to doing it the very best that we can.

Dan and Meg

Dan and Meg

The work of the farmer who grows the trees has our respect, as do the pickers who choose the perfect moment of ripeness, the mill workers who process the beans, extracting, drying and sorting the coffee. The coffee that we buy travels from remote places in the world to us, under the care of a network of shippers, dockworkers, truckers and warehousing that all do their part to safeguard this amazing bean.

Delicious coffee responds very well to all of this special attention. It’s simply consistently good. Want to know more about preparing a great cup of coffee? Ask us, we love to share what we know.

Our approach is informed by our working with, and helping to create success for, industry leading artisan roasting companies since 1992. We’ve travelled the world for coffee and have a deep knowledge of all aspects of coffee growing, production, trading and culture that guides our buying practices and craft.

We buy green coffee with the seasons. Flavor is paramount. We hand roast in small batches. Blend with intent, and package it fresh. Because nothing beats fresh.